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Black Lake Hike

Breathtaking Views and a Secret Trail

A beautiful hike with stunning views!

We started our hike at the Schwarzensee car park and followed the asphalt road along the lake. At the end of the road, we followed the path straight ahead towards Moosalm. When we arrived there, we saw a sign that said "U-turn".

To find out whether we turned around or not, and for our tips, check out our blog!  (Link in bio)

Our tip:

Despite the beautiful scenery, we decided to take a different route back! Simply continue hiking towards Eisenau and turn left at the next forest road. This is a perfect way back to the starting point, with beautiful scenery, but not signposted as a path!


At the next way to turn left (after about 4 km), turn left. This path leads back to the Schwarzensee, where you previously went straight ahead. Then, on the other side of the lake, take the wide hiking path around the lake - back towards the starting point.

Shortly before the end of the hike, the charming Gasthaus Zur Lore invites you to stop for a break.

Our next tip:

Start directly from the lake Attersee - in Burgau!

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